Why us?

We Exist
to Help Your Business Grow

Blue Co. Raleigh provides a collaborative space for service-oriented enterprises, e-commerce businesses, tradespeople, makers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, and others. With storage and workspace options, as well as warehousing space and business resources, Blue Co. serves as a hub for industrious founders and small-business owners.

We Make a Difference

Our founders have a long standing reputation for helping businesses reach their goals.

Business Development

By joining a collaborative community of workers and small business owners, it is possible to collaborate on RFPs or other jobs. This enables small business owners to compete with larger companies.


For small business owners, shared workspaces can be a cost-effective option. Rather than paying for space and services separately, companies like Blue Co. offer packaged solutions that can help reduce costs.

More About Blue Co.

Blue Co.'s Founder and Advisors are serial entrepreneurs whose collective enterprises have scaled to $100M+ in sales. We started Raleigh Founded as a home for high-impact, high-growth enterprises that are now more than 200K square feet of coworking space and housing more than 450 companies. Led by CEO Jason Widen, Blue Co. offers a unique opportunity to leverage our knowledge, networks, and know-how to deliver a meaningful scaled impact in the adjacent but under-served market of service-based coworking.

Growing together one step at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Blue Co. Receive my shipments for me?
Yes, we receive shipments for tenants! We hold them in our mail room where they remain until the tenant moves them to their designated bay. There are charges for receiving and holding packages.
Can I manufacture at Blue Co.?
Some light manufacturing is allowed at Blue Co. but we decide on a case by case base with considerations for things like noise, debris, weight of equipment etc.
Can I park commercial vehicles at Blue Co.?
Yes! We offer commercial vehicle parking in spaces for monthly rent as well. We have 10x20, 10x30, and 10x40 sized parking spaces.
How long are the leases at Blue Co.?
Our leases can be as short as month to month for flexibility. We do offer a 10% discount for tenants who commit for a year and a 15% discount for tenants who commit for two years.
Can I ship packages out of Blue Co.?
Yes, we have daily pickups with FedEx, UPS and USPS from a dedicated loading dock in the warehouse.
Is there office space at Blue Co. too?
Yes, we have office space on site starting at $150/month to work in our co-working space or individual offices for additional privacy.
What’s included in a Blue Co. lease?
All utilities and wifi are included in our leases. You also have access to conference rooms, bathrooms and snack/drinks on site.
Do I need insurance coverage to rent space at Blue Co.?
Yes, all Blue Co tenants must have insurance and provide proof upon signing.
Where is Blue Co located?
We currently have locations near downtown Raleigh at 510 and 517 Pylon Dr. We plan to open additional locations in the greater triangle area in 2024.
How high are the warehouse ceilings at Blue Co.?
Our clearance height varies from 8ft to 24ft.
What’s the smallest space available?
25 square feet (5ft X 5ft)
Are there daily or weekly rental options at Blue Co.?
Yes, we have flexible terms to accommodate most businesses.
Are the warehouses at Blue Co. climate controlled?
Our 517 Pylon Dr. location is completely climate controlled.